Sunday, 22 September 2013

Blood Is Thicker Than Water With Brother Label Maker

Eying for label maker that will protect your labels from any form of damages for a long period of time, but only for a cheap bargain? If yes, then you're search is over, as Brother makers offers you its line of P-touch makers that will take care of your labeling needs as though your family.

What are P-touch Label Makers?

P-touch Label Makers are a new addition to the Brother Maker family that showcases scientifically tested sustainable qualities and product cost-efficiency.


• Tried and Tested Adhesive Labels- P-touch label makers print adhesive tape labels that are consist of layers of protection that had been scientifically tested to resist abrasion, chemical damaging, fading, discoloration and liquids.

• Various Forms- P-touch Makers are available in different grips. For personal use and more portability, there are handheld brother makers. For office, there are the desktop p-touch makers.

• Several Types of Tapes to Choose from- P-touch Makers prints different kinds of labels, depending on its use. There are laminated, extra-strength, flexible ID, fluorescent, metallic, fabric ad security tapes.

• Highly Advanced Editing Tools- this line of Brother makers can not only change the color and resize the fonts of your label; they can also print your label using clip art. It can also align your label and put colorful margin and borders around it.

• User-friendly- Although P-touch Makers have highly advanced editing tools, they're not complicated to use. They possess easy-to-understand navigation buttons that can quickly help you achieve the look you want for your label.

• LCD- Like all Brother makers, P-touch Makers have LCD's where you can have a glimpse of how your label will appear before you print it.

• Direct Printing Thermal Technology- P-touch Maker uses the highly superior thermal printing technology that allows it to print the label directly without the use of any ribbon or printer cartridge. Hence, P-touch Maker is not only a sustainable label maker but also a cost-efficient makers.

What P-Touch Label Maker is Apt for You?

You may choose the Brother label maker fit for you in the family of P-touch Labels. Here are some of them.

• PT-90 Brother Label Maker Specifications

- This P-touch label maker has three replaceable faceplates that can personalize your brother label maker whatever way you want it.

- It also has 8 decorative mode patterns that allow you to make various fashionable print labels

- Prints in various damage resistant labels

- It has an LCD that is easy to look at and can contain 12 characters max

- For easy grip, it has a handheld structure

- A certified cost-efficient label as it uses thermal print technology

- It has a computer style keyboard that is apt for those who are used in typing on their lap and desk tops.

- It has 9 different framing and style options

- This operates using triple A batteries

• PT-1880 Brother Label Maker Specifications

- This P-touch label has a contemporary style that is apt for any one who has a fetish for the freshness of modernity.

- This Brother label can be handheld or put down on a desk.

- It has a big screen that can contain 15 characters max

- It has a preview key that enables you to see your label before you print it.

- It has 6 various type sizes and 9 different framing and style options

- It can save 5 of your much loved decorative labels, as it has a memory built within it.

- It can be operated using either an adapter or two Alkaline batteries(AA)

- A truly cost-efficient label maker because it directly prints using the highly advanced thermal print technology

- Computer style keyboard

Evidently, the new P-touch makers are cost-efficient labels. First of all, they don't demand the use of any ribbon, ink or cartridge to print. They have built-in thermal printers that allow them to print directly. Secondly, this line of Brother label makers are scientifically proven to stand the test of time and are proven to be damage-proof. Lastly, they have advanced features that put a personal touch to your labels. Indeed, P-touch makers are the most low-cost sustainable label makers there is-taking care of you like you're his brother.

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